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LucidSound LS-20 Gaming-headset med forsterker White, PS4, PS3, Xbox One*, Xbox 360*, mobil og nettbrett (LS-20-GOLD-)

LucidSound LS-20 Gaming-headset med forsterkerWhite, PS4, PS3, Xbox One*, Xbox 360*, mobil og nettbrett


    LucidSound LS-20 Gaming-headset med forsterker

    Control without Compromise

    The LS20 unites precisely tuned audio and advanced gaming controls with a fresh ID and solid build. Like our flagship LS30, the LS20 has on-ear controls for easy access to game volume, game mute, and mic mute. Unplug the boom mic and use the built-in mic and on-ear controls with your phone.

    We continue to push design innovation with the new LS20. Blending function with design and premium components, the LS20 looks and acts like no other gaming headset. Its sleek, minimal style rivals any lifestyle headset but stays true as a core gaming headset. Who cares how you look in the living room? We do.

    Most gaming headsets are frustrating to use, causing the user to hunt for a button or rocker switch just to press the wrong one. Others have large inline control units that are cumbersome and awkward. The LS20 offers an intuitive control scheme without compromising design. The left earcup has a sleek integrated control wheel for volume, center button for game mute and the right ear cup center button mutes the mic.

    Comfort is a key requirement for gaming headsets as they may be worn for hours at a time. The LS20 was designed to be ultra comfortable for heads of every size. We engineered just the right amount of clamping force to keep the earcups secure and included memory foam ear cushions that mold to your ears reducing ear fatigue.

    LucidSound is a specialized audio company and we strive to provide the most balanced, high-performance audio experience possible for gaming. The LS20 is a wired headset with integrated power affording us the ability to provide a truly exceptional audio experience.

    Easy to locate quickly and without looking, simply rotate the outer dial on the left earcup to adjust the volume.

    Did someone just walk into the room to ask you a quick question? Press the center button on the left earcup to mute the game and chat audio. Mic monitoring remains active so you can easily carry on a conversation without removing your headset.

    Press the large center button on the right earcup to mute the outgoing microphone and turn off mic monitor. The LED on the tip of the boom mic will illuminate to show that the mic has been muted.


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